Agri-food sector:
Financing mix for a growing company

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Company profile and market:

The company is dedicated to the production and marketing of staple food products for human consumption, with a diversified product portfolio according to the degree of processing of its main raw material.

Its main market is the distribution sector in large supermarkets and supermarkets in Spain and other European countries.

In 2020, with the onset of the pandemic, this sector faced several challenges while maintaining and increasing market share. As these are staple products, companies had to face major changes in sanitary, production and marketing protocols to adapt to the Covid environment.

Company needs:

The company established a vertical integration plan with the objectives of controlling the supply chain, reducing price fluctuations in its value chain, continuing with the diversification of products according to the degree of transformation, and incorporating new production units.

Although they had good solvency and great support from banks, this company decided to start a strategy of diversification of financial providers in their day-to-day business to ensure their ability to access financing to carry out the actions set out in their growth and new investment plan.

The Finalbion Proposal:

In October 2020, Finalbion was granted a Reverse factoring (Confiming) line of EUR 3 million to finance its suppliers. In March 2021, this line was extended to 5 Mn euros. 

Since then, we have financed the company more than 12 Mn euros in this line of Reverse factoring. We have the confidence and satisfaction of the client, who is referring us to other companies and strategic suppliers, who finance the invoices of this client in a fast and secure way through the platform.