Complement your financing with the Confirming Finalbion

We strengthen the relationship between our clients and their suppliers with our Reverse Factoring lines.

Our client finds it easier to manage payments and offers liquidity to its supplier, without impacting CIRBE.

The supplier finds fast, simple and non-recourse online financing.

How does our Confirming work?

Finalbion's clients upload approved invoice remittances to the Platform, which immediately notifies suppliers of their existence and offers them the possibility to advance them without recourse.

Suppliers who finance with us will receive the advance payment quickly on their account by bank transfer.

Advantages of Finalbion Confirming

Advantages for our customers

They diversify their sources of financing by providing liquidity to their suppliers without impacting their CIRBE.

They simplify their invoice payment processes and obtain information on the evolution of their confirming lines through the platform.

Advantages for suppliers

Suppliers have access to non-recourse financing, without the need to use their financial lines with banks, reducing administrative tasks.

No increase in CIRBE. Price transparency and the possibility of accessing financing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Technological advantages

Our proprietary technological environment combines the most reliable solutions on the market to ensure that all participants in this process interact with maximum security and efficiency.

Suppliers will find in the platform an agile and secure tool at all times to request invoice advances and schedule automatic advances.

Finalbion, the leading non-bank Confirming entity in Spain

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Frequently asked questions about Finalbion's confirming for companies

What does it mean that Finalbion's confirming is without recourse to the supplier?

It means that the supplier who advances the platform invoices with us covers the risk of insolvency.

Does the supplier have the possibility to schedule advance payments?

Yes, the supplier can schedule the advance payment for a future date and also request the automatic advance payment mode at no additional cost, so that he no longer needs to log in to the platform to make subsequent advance payments.

Does the supplier have prior information on financing costs?

Yes, the platform allows the supplier to simulate at any time the exact costs of the advance payment before it is requested.

Does the issuer have to have a specific development to operate Finalbion corporate confirming?

We use the file model established by the Spanish Factoring Association (single file). Finalbion offers a downloadable generator from the platform to convert an Excel file into the required format in two simple steps.

Are Finalbion's commissions subject to VAT?

No, the advance payment fee does not include VAT as it is a financial fee.