News: How to complement the financing of your company with alternative financing?

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Treasury management, the search for funding and ensure access to liquidity is one of the most important points for companies and one of the foundations for growth and development.,  and should therefore not be neglected by the CFO. This is why the ability of companies to find the right  and ensure access to that funding is what will decide its capacity  in order to develop their business plan.

Companies currently have access to various sources of financing that serve as a complement to traditional bank financing and are in many cases of equal importance to this traditional form of financing.      

Over the years we have encountered a diversification in corporate financing from the corporate finance function. through different lines of action as ICO, CESCE, EIB funds. In parallel, and all this due to bank concentration and investor liquidity in the capital market han made to appear another alternative and complementary type of financing with a number of entities and debt funds such as Finalbion, which offer companies access to direct financing against their balance sheets, . The distinguishing features of this type of financing are, is not to have an impact  in CIRBE, manage agile resolution times and in most cases without additional collateral and mortgage guarantees, which make more expensive and lengthen the times  in many cases.

The alternative financiers found in the market are diverse in terms of their product offering (usually covering a niche of financing), funding sources (crowdfunding, institutional investors) and operational base with which they engage with funders and clients (technology platforms).

It is important for corporate treasurers, CFOs and management to understand the different types of alternative financing propositions available to them in order to assess the possibilities and options they have with these new market players at any given time.

Finalbion tries to adapt to the needs of companies by offering working capital financing both from the suppliers' side and from the side of the company.The customer side, with Reverse Factoring (Confirming), from the customer side with Factoring, as well as against the company's balance sheet with loans for cash-flow needs.  

The incorporation of an alternative and complementary financier such as Finalbion means strengthening a company's access to financing and liquidity with the incorporation of an actor that operates differently from banks and the public sector.

With this strengthening and diversification in the structure of financiers  the companies  can freeing up borrowing capacity with banks for other purposes, the purchase of raw materials at times when prices can be profitable, finances the purchase of raw materials at times when prices can be profitable, campaigns specificThe "bridge loan" for inorganic growth while longer-term financing is sought, which in many cases takes longer to resolve and study.